Ledgerback Handbook

This Gitbook covers the "static" and introductory information about Ledgerback and Ledgerback Organizations. Expect frequent updates

About the Handbook

This handbook discusses Ledgerback and Ledgerback-related organizations. This handbook will help you understand Ledgerback, how to join a Ledgerback organization, and much more!

This Handbook is divided into six sections:

  1. General Information

  2. Project List

  3. Digital Commons Research Cooperative (LDCRC)

  4. Resources

  5. Maker Cooperative (LMC)

General Information will discuss information applicable to all aspects of Ledgerback.

Project List covers ongoing, defunt, planned, and finished projects.

LDCRC covers the citizen science cooperative.

Resources covers contact information, directories, library, and FAQs

LMC covers the management consultancy and innovator cooperative.