Ledgerback Handbook

This Gitbook covers the "static" and introductory information about the Ledgerback Meta-organization. Expect frequent updates

About the Handbook

This handbook discusses the overall Ledgerback Meta-organization. This handbook will help you understand Ledgerback, how to navigate the community, and how to become a member.

This Handbook is divided into six sections:

  1. General Information

  2. Meta-organization

  3. Commons

  4. Scout Cooperative

  5. Maker Cooperative

  6. Membership

  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  8. Directories

  9. Library

  10. Get Involved

  11. Contact Information

General Information will discuss information applicable to all aspects of Ledgerback.

Commons will discuss Ledgerback's repository of resources that are freely accessible to members and the public.

Meta-organization will discuss Ledgerback's organizational vision for the future.

Scout Cooperative will discuss the researcher cooperative democratically owned and operated by Sages that researches the DOTS* space.

Maker Cooperative will discuss the innovator cooperative that is democratically owned and operated by Makers that prototypes DOTS-related ideas, generates lines of business, and provides DOTS-related services.

Membership will discuss how to become a Member of Ledgerback's organizations Sage Cooperative and Maker Cooperative.

FAQs will provide answers to the most frequent questions asked about Ledgerback.

Directories lists directories on particular groups and topics.

Library is a collection of literature covering various DOTS topics.

*DOTS = Decentralized and/or Open Thinking and Systems