Get Involved

We’re a non-profit organization run primarily by volunteers. There are many ways to help. You can get started without making a large commitment. Send us an email at to get started


LedgerbackØDCRC engages in many crowdsourcing activities to bring in outside perspectives and experiences from citizens, industry, and academia on a number of topics and issues through:

  1. surveys

  2. polls

  3. social reading

  4. public databases

  5. participatory research

  6. general feedback (for feedback on nearly anything)

Public Databases

You can find our public Zotero group here or via the links below:



Come talk with us on:

  • Discord

  • Reddit


You can join our reading club and read with us (bring your reading list to us and we will read and comment together)!

You can join by clicking here or via the link below:


You can write with us by joining the Thinklusive Journal. However, the Thinklusive Journal only accepts articles covering organization science and platform cooperativism.

You can write with us by submitting an article to the Amalgam publication for decentralization, emerging technologies and markets.

Other than joining the Thinklusive Journal, you can also send us your articles if they cover one or more of the same thematic areas as Ledgerback (and publish in the Scouts at Work publication), and we will review your paper.


Attend or participate in one of our debates on a matter in the network society


Attend our events when we have them as a speaker or attendee.


  • Help facilitate meetings and discussion and guide (and improve) our working

  • Help us develop and improve our processes, governance, operations, and structure

Promote us and recruit others

  • Mention LedgerbackØDCRC in relevant discussions online, at conferences, with friends and family, etc.

  • Write blog posts or other updates about LedgerbackØDCRC

  • Invite others to come learn and help (e.g., as advisors)


Research at LedgerbackØDCRC leads to developing challenges, suggestions, assignments, and writing tasks to help address knowledge gaps and action gaps we think need to be addressed.


Peer Prediction Mechanism

Developing a minimally viable product (MVP) that incorporates the Peer Prediction mechanism (e.g., developing a blockchain data oracle that utilizes the Peer Prediction Mechanism as a side-payment channel).


Cooperative Web3 Technology

Developing a Proof-of-Concept or minimally viable product (MVP) for one or more of the following ideas below:


If you have any suggestions for where we should focus our research, please send us a message.


Investigating services to use, partners to team up with, historical and scientific evidence to guide our decisions and presentation


Completing one of the following assessment methods for the Introduction to Commons-based Peer Production (CBPP) Mini-course:

  1. Develop a new CBPP ecosystem model.

  2. A short paper (maximum 10 pages) on a case study of how a project or organization is applying CBPP.


You can write with us by joining the Thinklusive Journal. However, the Thinklusive Journal only accepts articles covering organization science and platform cooperativism.

Surveys and Polling





You can get involved by volunteering in our core or administrative activities, or in one of our projects.


Get involved by becoming an advisor on our Advisory Council and help us in assuring the quality of our research, and improving our governance and operations.


Get involved by becoming a sponsor on one of our existing projects or events.


Get involved by partnering with the LedgerbackØDCRC. We are open to all sorts of cooperation with any actors of change. Feel free to contact us and let us link your organization with the green net project.

We seek to collaborate and network with others to support the transformation movement to ledgerbacked systems.


You can also get involved by joining one or more of our research and innovation networks or collaboratives:

  • Blockchain Cooperative Research Network (BCRN),

  • Digital Organizing and Work Research Network (DOWRN), or

  • Collective Intelligence Research Network (CIRN)

Building new skills

We welcome volunteers to get involved and learn along the way. Volunteering with us can be a chance to learn research-related skills, study various topics in an interdisciplinary approach on the network society, and develop many other skills.