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Ledgerback Blog: The official blog for updates on LedgerbackØDCRC


Amalgam: Medium publication for articles covering decentralization and emerging technologies and markets.

Scouts at Work: Medium publication for articles from external authors covering a themetaic area under LedgerbackØDCRC's scope.

Greyscail Blockchain Review: Medium publication for articles covering blockchain technology, with an emphasis on blockchain use-cases.


Thinklusive Journal: PubPub journal for producing, editing and reivewing articles covering platform cooperativism and organization science and their intersections with Web3.


Philomath Series on XYZ

The Philomath Series on XYZ* is a series of podcasts covering our work here at LedgerbackØDCRC. The Philomath Series on XYZ will be a podcast series covering three areas:

  • Conversations,

  • Musings, and

  • Calls for Interest.

First, the Philomath Series on Conversations will cover conversations with generally two or more speakers about themes and topics that fall under the DCRC’s focus and scope. We plan to mostly use the Philomath Series on Conversations for interviews and discussions with individuals and organizations in the network society.

Second, the Philomath Series on Musings will cover solo recordings with just one speaker, often a member, discussing a topic of their own interest.

Third, the Philomath Series on Calls for Interests will cover recordings attempting to raise awareness of research areas that may have fruitful applications, and possibly arranging contests for these further inquiries.

*= XYZ is a placeholder.


Ledgerback Cooperative Newsletter: Susbtack newsletter on updates on LedgerbackØDCRC

Distroid Newsletter: Substack newsletter giving updates and news about alternative models, and change-relevant stakeholders and movements.