Become a Member

Membership in LedgerbackØDCRC is open to those who:

  • support LedgerbackØDCRC and the values, vision or mission of the LedgerbackØDCRC;

  • develop knowledge that investigates the internet and society;

  • are trying to unify the study of the internet and society;

  • are trying to bring stakeholders together;

  • build products and services that move society towards ledgerbacked systems and thinking; or

  • participate commercially in the Ledgerback ecosystem.


  1. Complete and submit the Membership Application form. Once accepted, you shall become a Trial Member of the Institution.

  2. As a trial member, you must undergo a trial period of at most one year (in total hours spent on training) to:

    1. learn about Ledgerback and how it operates; and

    2. complete any education and training deficienies determined

  1. Complete the trial period.

  2. Stay current on dues.

  3. Actively participate in the cooperative's governance and operations (core activities).

  1. Complete and submit the Exit Form. Any prior obligations,

  2. dues, fines or monies owed are still due even if you leave the cooperative.


  • One vote at the general meeting

  • Access to the records

  • Eligible to participate in governance and operations

  • Eligible to sit on the Board of Directors


  • Complete the trial period

  • Actively participate in operations


  • Receive member services

  • Access to our private library

  • Receive peer assistance

  • Funding assistance and support

  • Personalized content creation (e.g., newsletters and feeds)

  • Form your own department

  • Join a lab and/or working group