If you need a Speaker for your event, the LedgerbackØDCRC will assist you in finding a speaker or selecting a member to be a Speaker.


We also develop exercises for workshops of small groups.


Jackrabbit is our analyst network service.

If you are looking for research assistance with your project or need a research analyst's help to get your project going, we can assist you in finding analysts to help you with your project.

On the other side, if you are an analyst looking for projects to work on, we can help connect you with clients who need your expertise.

Research Commission

You can ask the LedgerbackØDCRC to commission the development a research report on your behalf if the topic is within the LedgerbackØDCRC's thematic areas.

Regardless of what the report is used for, it must be open access.

Identifying Problems, Issues and Questions

You can ask the LedgerbackØDCRC for help in identifying problems and research questions for your projects (pretty much at the start of your project).

In doing so, the LedgerbackØDCRC employs a 3-step process, further described below, to help you breakdown your research questions into smaller, more manageable questions ("atomizing"), and help develop a strong supporting cast to get help you dive deeper into your data to provide a more thorough analysis.

  1. Problem Statement Identification: You send us your topic and we start the process of identifying the problems and issues that can be obstacles to your project's success.

  2. Brainstorm: You send over your inquiry and we will start the process of generating research questions

  3. Atomize: We then atomize the research question into smaller questions which can be worked on simultaneously by our researchers

Throughout this process, you can stay in contact with us via email and/or other messaging applications of your choosing.


If you need help identifying strategies to help you reach your goals, then you have come to the right place! We develop strategies tailored to your needs so that you can achieve your goals.

Pricing Table

You may find the pricing for our services summarized in the table below.




Research Commission

Minimum: $100.00

Price depends on the project specifics

Content Marketing

$50.00 / hr





Problem Statement


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